Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Archetype Analysis

This is an interesting article that a friend sent to me.

I've read Jung and have a deep interest and understanding of archetypes and how they relate to our lives. Tarot is all about archetypes and the cycle from birth to death and all the stages in between. I find it really fascinating.

It's as if we (the US) have reverted to a belligerent teen phase particularly in our government. We are the adolescent, the bully, the Heirophant -only seeing things in black and white and like the Devil - so consumed with greed that we don't see that we have what we need right in our hands now, but we are so hyper focused we can't see beyond our own noses. I just hope that this phase has finally peaked and we are now
evolving and moving to a new point in the circle. I fear that we are going to be entering another dark age, The moon and the Hermit, hopefully we will be doing some reflection upon where we've been and not just surviving.

The author makes excellent points regarding the media and it's coverage of our daily lives and the events that impact them. We no longer have a free and impartial media, and that my friends means we no longer have the very foundation of our democracy. The FCC has become so partisan, so deregulated, that it's a winner take all, and the sad thing is we have allowed this to happen.

No longer can we trust the media as it is today to give us the true facts to let the people decide what the truth is. But there is a light in this bleak tunnel, and that's the Internet. Bloggers are the unforeseen fluke, for they are the ones that put the chance back into the mix, they are the Fates of our time. There is nothing more powerful then a networked group of minds who seek the truth and put it out there to expose the pap we're being fed by the mainstream. They are Fool and the Magician who don't see the limitations, only the potential that anything is possible.

This is a really telling and interesting article, enjoy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I'm new to blogging so this is a test of the Emerging Blogcasting System. This will be filled with my political ramblings, knitting projects and general adventures of Life, the Universe and Everything (else).