Thursday, January 27, 2005

I've got blisters on my fingers!!!

Sometimes those little addi turbos really hurt! I've been knitting a pair of socks on my addi turbos (size 1s) and boy do my fingers hurt. I've been using this beautifully hand-dyed yarn that my sister created but it's a bit thicker than my usual sock yarns, I think it's DK weight actually. But the colors are beautiful, blues, greens, burgundy, and purple). They are really becoming lovely but thick socks, and in the process I've developed this sore/blister/callous on my left index finger. I've had to wear a band-aid just to knit because it hurts so much.

I wonder if I should look for a quilters thimble to start wearing on that finger.

I'll post pics when the project is completed.

Friday, January 21, 2005

knitting-chicks and other yahoo knitting groups that I love

These are my two favorite yahoo knitting groups. There are lots of really nice, friendly and very helpful people on these lists. I will warn you however, that the knitlist does generate a lot of mail.

So if you are looking for advice, help or just want to share your knitting experiences this is the place to be.


Knitting Chicks

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More Socks

There is something addictive about knitting socks. Not to mention that once you wear a pair of hand knit socks, especially if they are knit with a luscious yarn, you just don't want to put anything else on your feet.

My sister gave me some lovely yarn (merino I think) that she hand dyed - she needs a pair of socks knit from it for photos, apparently she's putting together sock kits to sell. I'm assuming (and hoping) that I get to keep the socks after the photos are taken.

So the Einstein Coat is on the back burner, along with the shawl, hat and scarf projects in progress. Oh well. It's so cold here in Massachusetts I'm definitely motivated to knit another pair of socks and the Queen Kahuna method works up pretty quickly.

Friday, January 14, 2005

My shawl Posted by Hello

This is one of the first shawls I knit. I used a very pretty Cherry Hill Wool blend with a bit of glitter. I think the colorway was called Spanish Moss if I remember correctly and it was knit on size 17 needles.

I made up this simple pattern myself which you can use any weight yarn, with any size needle (the larger the needle the more lacy and open the pattern). It's also just straight knitting (garter stitch). Basically you start with an odd number of stitches, I started with 3 here. then you just increase one stitch at the beginning of each row until you either run out of yarn or think it's big enough. And if you like fringe be sure to save enough yarn for the fringe. You could even crochet an edge if you like. I get more compliments on this shawl too.

The photo does not show the color well, I really need to get that digital camera out and replace all the photos in this blog soon. So far I've just been using my Palm Pilot with no flash.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Projects in Progress

My Hand dyed Merino Wool Silk Blend Socks Posted by Hello

The merino/silk yarn is called Silken Ivory from Henry's Attic. My sister, the weaver, who has been hand dying for years, spent a day teaching me how to hand dye yarns. This was one of my first attempts. See some of the other yarns I dyed that became scarves in previous posts.

This photo really doesn't do the colors justice, nor can you see the sheen in the yarn from the silk and I cannot begin to describe just how luxurious this yarn feels. It looks like I just might have enough to make two pairs!

The method I am using is from Queen Kahuna's Crazy Heels and Toes book, two socks on two circular needles, toe up method.

Other projects that are currently on the needles are:

  1. The Einstein Coat (from The Knit Stitch book by Sally Melville)
    I'm doing the coat in Debbie Bliss Merino and Cotton blend in a Navy Blue and I'm about 2/3rds of the way done.
  2. Another Shawl( I'll post more on that later)
  3. A simple scarf in a cream colored alpaca

I love the hand dyeing process, but with the chemicals I wouldn't dare do it any place but outdoors. Since I am limited to only dyeing during the better months (note I live in the Northeast) I think I want to try some kool-aid dyeing soon. Definitely when the next order of my favorite Silken Ivory comes in!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

My first socks

These are the first pair of socks I knitted using the Queen Kahuna method of two socks on two circulars toe up. They came out great! Posted by Hello

It's snowing

I guess that's no surprise, after all it's winter and I am in New England. I really wish I didn't have to work and that I could sit all day with a cat in my lap and a knitting project in my hands. Too bad they won't pay me to do that so I guess I need to find a way to become independently wealthy.

I went to see my friend with Leukemia last night. She looks fine, just tired from all the chemo. She has quite a head of hair so I will be surprised if she actually does go bald from this. But just in case she had had her hairdresser come to the hospital and cut it all very short, it looks really cute.

It was good to just sit and chat for a few hours, even if I did have to wear a face mask and try to knit with latex gloves on. LOL! She had a couple of projects there with her, she's a beginner and just learning to purl, but I showed her my "The Knit Stitch Book" and she was quite impressed with all the neat stuff you can make just knitting. I think she's going to start an afghan for her daughter.

Speaking of daughters.... are you sure we can't kill them? Having a thirteen year old is really a trial sometimes. They are just so snarky and deceitful and melodramatic. I know this phase will too pass, but I would take the terrible twos any day over this nonsense. I guess I'll just keep chanting "this too will pass" over and over until I start to believe it.

Oh I found a photo of one of the first pairs of socks that I knit and I will post it soon.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's been a long winter already

Over the holidaze I found out that a very dear friend of mine has Leukemia. She and I met online when we were pregnant over 13 years ago. Our daughters were born one month apart and because we live close to each other we started getting together when our girls were only a couple of months old. I fear for her, I fear for her daughter, but I need to be strong and positive. Please let this have a good outcome. She's strong and healthy otherwise so I have no doubt that she can get through this, I just can't let her see any outside doubts either.

Since she's stuck in the hospital for about 6 weeks undergoing chemotherapy, and since she sort of knits, I thought she might want to make an afghan for her daughter, so I'm going in to see her tonight so we can plan it out. I think she needs to keep busy and she needs to feel productive and she needs to make some tangible connection for her daughter. The afghan should be a good way to accomplish this. Knitting for therapy... I think we all do this is some way or another. I feel compelled to knit, at least during the coldest six months of the year. It's a zen thing I guess.

I started on my Einstein Coat. I'm taking that with me to show her. I'm using a lovely Merino Wool and Cotton blend in a dark denim blue color. So far so good, with each stitch I can meditate a 'get well' for my friend.

If you happen upon this please send some positive healing energy out to her. Thanks.