Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's been a long winter already

Over the holidaze I found out that a very dear friend of mine has Leukemia. She and I met online when we were pregnant over 13 years ago. Our daughters were born one month apart and because we live close to each other we started getting together when our girls were only a couple of months old. I fear for her, I fear for her daughter, but I need to be strong and positive. Please let this have a good outcome. She's strong and healthy otherwise so I have no doubt that she can get through this, I just can't let her see any outside doubts either.

Since she's stuck in the hospital for about 6 weeks undergoing chemotherapy, and since she sort of knits, I thought she might want to make an afghan for her daughter, so I'm going in to see her tonight so we can plan it out. I think she needs to keep busy and she needs to feel productive and she needs to make some tangible connection for her daughter. The afghan should be a good way to accomplish this. Knitting for therapy... I think we all do this is some way or another. I feel compelled to knit, at least during the coldest six months of the year. It's a zen thing I guess.

I started on my Einstein Coat. I'm taking that with me to show her. I'm using a lovely Merino Wool and Cotton blend in a dark denim blue color. So far so good, with each stitch I can meditate a 'get well' for my friend.

If you happen upon this please send some positive healing energy out to her. Thanks.


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