Thursday, January 06, 2005

It's snowing

I guess that's no surprise, after all it's winter and I am in New England. I really wish I didn't have to work and that I could sit all day with a cat in my lap and a knitting project in my hands. Too bad they won't pay me to do that so I guess I need to find a way to become independently wealthy.

I went to see my friend with Leukemia last night. She looks fine, just tired from all the chemo. She has quite a head of hair so I will be surprised if she actually does go bald from this. But just in case she had had her hairdresser come to the hospital and cut it all very short, it looks really cute.

It was good to just sit and chat for a few hours, even if I did have to wear a face mask and try to knit with latex gloves on. LOL! She had a couple of projects there with her, she's a beginner and just learning to purl, but I showed her my "The Knit Stitch Book" and she was quite impressed with all the neat stuff you can make just knitting. I think she's going to start an afghan for her daughter.

Speaking of daughters.... are you sure we can't kill them? Having a thirteen year old is really a trial sometimes. They are just so snarky and deceitful and melodramatic. I know this phase will too pass, but I would take the terrible twos any day over this nonsense. I guess I'll just keep chanting "this too will pass" over and over until I start to believe it.

Oh I found a photo of one of the first pairs of socks that I knit and I will post it soon.


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