Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oh what a beautiful morning....

And it really is! Just a hint of what's to come once spring really gets here. It's about 50F today but getting cloudy. Let's just hope we get rain before the deep freeze comes back.

I'm so sick of winter and snow. It seems like this is the longest time of the year. So it's nice to have a warm sunny day right in the middle of this dreary time of year.

So, since I just joined the kitty knits ring I guess I should tell you a bit more about my kitties.

When my daughter was 2 1/2 I took in a beautiful calicao named Jen-Jen from a woman at work, who also happened to be a spiritualist. We clicked and she trusted me with her sweetest cat Jen-Jen. Unfortunately she had come down with horrible ashma and had to get rid of her beloved cats - all 5 of them. After having Jen-Jen for a few months, she came back to me - there was one cat left and could I help her find a home... so you can guess what happened - instead of one cat, we ended up with two. Jen-Jen and Spirit. Both Calicaos and both sweet docile things that only moved off the couch to eat, poo or move to one of our beds. Jen-Jen attached herself to me, and Spirit attached herself to my daughter.

Jen-Jen was a very fat cat when we got her, and inspite of any diet or attempts to get her to exercise she remained a very fat cat. I'm not really sure how old she was when we got her, but we had her for about 5 more years before she passed away.

So of course poor Spirit was sad not to have a buddy, and after a period of mourning I got the chance to obtain a lavender point siamese, she turned out to just be a white cat with beautiful blue eyes, no points and we named her Sky. Anyway typical of white cats she was a bit psycho but attached herself to my daughter and Spirit (the old lady) moved onto my bed at night.

Unfortunately when she was a little more than 2 years old she had a seizure or brain hemmorage when we were not home and I found her dead in the basement. This was so sad... not only was our beloved Sky gone, but it also happened on my daughter's 10th birthday - and 5 days before Christmas. We were all very sad.

At this point I didn't think I wanted to get another kitty, Spirit was getting older and content to just sleep on my bed, but my daughter kept searching all the online shelters where she eventually found Rocky.

Oh! big decision.... do we get a boy cat? There had never been a man around the house.

So that weekend we went up to the Nashua Animal Shelter to see what they had, and poor Rocky was cowering in his cage. He looked so sweet too. He's a tuxedo kitty with a white face and an little black heart right on the end of his nose. They let us have him in a private room and he just let my daughter carry him like a baby. He is just so gentle. So we brought him home that day.

Spirit was not happy, but she is also a big whimp, yet she managed to scare poor Rocky right into the basement. After a few days it also became apparent that poor Rocky had been misused, and probably abused. He was so submissive and very skittish. So he lived in the basement for almost 6 months. Every evening when we got home, Grace would go down and coax him out of one of his hiding spots and bring him upstairs so we could feed him. Then she would pet and love him and he would be fine until Spirit hissed and then back to the basement he would run.

Well that's been about 2 years. Rocky is still a very skittish cat and doesn't come to anyone but my daughter and he never comes out when there is company. But he will occasionally allow me to pet him. He's become a very sweet and funny boy.... even though he does get into my yarns.

I'll have Grace take some photos - although I would bet money it will be of them snoozing!

As for knitting. Last night I did manage to get some more work down on my Clapotis scarf. And in the process of doing some picking up I found a project bag with socks that I started last fall for my nephew that I was going to give him for Christmas, I guess I better get to work on those! LOL!


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