Friday, March 18, 2005

Finding Balance

I started taking Tai Chi and I think I'm really going to like this. I really need to bring some balance back into my life. I'm so overweight - never lost it after Grace was born, but now that she's thirteen I can't blame it on baby fat anymore. LOL! So I needed something to start moving again. My knees and feet have been killing me, so I figured Tai Chi would be nice slow movements putting little strain on my body. I had no idea it could be so strenuous as well, but strenuous in a good way. Non-aerobic, more isometric, but you can still build up a good sweat.

The other thing I need to do it get back to my tarot cards. I really miss reading them for people. I love the tarot, they are like opening a door so you can actually see clearly. It's like the storyline suddenly starts to make sense. I'm a bit rusty, but I'm looking forward to doing some readings for friends tonight.

My favorite tarot cards are still Robin Wood's Tarot. They are so beautiful and so easy to read. If, anyone is considering learning tarot, I would highly recommend this deck.

But anyway, I'm really looking forward to tonight.

I'm working away on Clappy #2 and have dropped 4 stitches so far, it's looking good. I would post a pic but for some reason I'm having a problem posting pics through the Hello server, so I just need some time to figure it out.

I'm also thinking that I need to make a felted bag to hold my tarot cards as well.

More later...


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