Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In like a lion?

Let's just hope the old adage is true, because I could really use an early spring this year and have March go out like a lamb!

We didn't get the 12 inches predicted (thank the Gods) only a mere 6. At least it wasn't enough to call another snow day, only a 2 hour delay. Especially since the kid was home all last week for winter break. Yet, I wish I had a day off just to sit and knit.

I've been so busy with the redecorating of my daughters room, I had little time to really start any more projects.

Although I will now admit that I am a full fledged knit-aholic.

Last Friday I was on my way to pick up the daughter from her electric bass lesson. This requires me to sit in a dark subterranean waiting room for 45 minutes. So I usually knit. As I'm on my way I realize I didn't grab my knitting bag on the way out of the house that morning. YIKES! So I whip into Michael's Craft store that's on the way to run in and purchase a couple of skeins for a scarf and some cheapie needles. I think I need to keep an emergency stash and needles in my car at all times now.

So I am working on that scarf. I'm knitting it lengthwise for a change. It's a Mode Dea and Bling Bling combined in these really pretty pinks and reds. I guess I'll just give it a friend since there is just so many scarves one girl can use right? Although it's almost as bad a shoes now.

I still love my clapotis and wear that almost every day. I guess I'm going to have to make another one soon. This time I think I'll make the shawl size (If I even dare think of buying more yarn!) Maybe I can use that big skein of Cherry Tree Hill Oceania I got in the Gypsy Rose colorway. It's a beautiful merino wool with a boucle twist and a strand of glittery lurex running through it. It's what I knit my shawl in. There is about 1440 yds in the skein so that should be plenty for the Clapotis shawl.


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