Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend update...

Well it was an interesting weekend. My friend Alicia had called me to see if I could meet she and her sister for a drink at the new restaurant in town. We just met at the bar and I brought my tarot cards to read. There were a couple of guys at the bar, buying us cocktails so I read their cards too.

It was fun, but being a cheap drunk, 2 dirty Absolute Martinis and I was done.

Saturday, my DD begged for me to take her and two friends to the Mall... I guess that allowance was burning a hole in her pocket... Literally, when she got to mall, she had managed to lose it somewhere in the car. Oh well, I'm trying to teach her responsibility, but it sure is painful for both of us.

The good thing, was that after I did my errands, I got to sit in the food court with my cuppa java and knit on my clapotis #2 for a bit. It's coming out nicely. I'll try to get some pics posted soon.

After the mall, we all went to the movies (my treat!) to see Robots. It was cute.

Then home to bed - I was beat.

Then Sunday DD confesses to me that someone had taken her gym stuff (her only pair of sweats and sneakers) and that she had been missing them for over a week, that she thinks some mean girl took them (I doubt it, knowing how nasty those sneakers smelled) or threw them out (probably for the same reason... smelly sneakers). Sooooo, you couldn't have mentioned this YESTERDAY when we were AT the MALL!? Sheesh! So after making her do all kinds of nasty chores, cat box cleaning, toilet bowl cleaning, empty dishwasher cleaning, etc. I relented and took her BACK to the mall, found some sweats on sale... ok, but she had to have specific sneakers, Converse Chucks, Black with Flames on the sides. Exactly the same as the missing ones, because those were her "signature shoes". Eight shoe store later, we can find the shoes, just not in her size. We did have an opportunity to order them at the 1st store we went to, but noooooooo, she would have none of that. So by the eighth store there is no friggin way I'm going all the way back to the first store at this point, I'm outta here.

So bitch, bitch, bitch all the way home....

I couldn't wait to get dinner done and over with and take myself to bed with my knitting.

Now I'm off to my T'ai Chi class, to see if I can find my balance.


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